As you probably know by now, Nannybag is passionate about optimizing the traveling experience. From the beginning, the luggage storage network sought to enable travelers to fully enjoy their journey, without having to carry around their bags or worry about the safety of their belongings. Well, what if we told you that you can now have your luggage picked up directly from your house and delivered to the destination of your choice? Buckle up, because we are making it happen, while simultaneously helping hotels generate additional revenue. So whether you are a traveler or a hotelkeeper, let us introduce you to our brand new door-to-door service!

These past few months, a LOT happened for us: from welcoming new partner shops, restaurants, and hotels to adding new cities to our luggage storage network. We enjoyed every minute of it. As the #1 luggage storage network worldwide, staying on top of the game means being available in as many destinations as possible. Nannybag now has no less than 10,000 partners in over 500 cities! 

The good news is that it doesn’t stop there! Despite the unprecedented context caused by Covid-19, we are moving forward with our plan to keep changing the way people travel, thanks to a brand new feature on our website. A personalized door-to-door service to deliver luggage anywhere in the world. 

What is door-to-door? 

From our perspective, it is a step further in easing the way people travel by getting them rid of having to carry or worry about their sometimes quite bulky luggage. For our clients, it means that we take care of their luggage from one door to another: from the place they want to the destination they need to reach. In other words, choosing our door-to-door service means not having to lift a finger to carry your bags: from the moment you step out of your house to the moment you reach your final destination. 

How does it work? You might ask.

It is quite simple: thanks to this new service, whether you are traveling for leisure or business, you will now be able to stay hands-free from A to Z. Follow three simple steps, and all that will be left for you to do is to enjoy your trip light as a feather!

Simplifying traveling beyond luggage storage

On top of freeing travelers from the burden of their luggage, there were other reasons why we worked so hard on developing this new service. As we brainstormed, we had two things in mind:

How can we simplify traveling beyond luggage storage?

How do we keep providing services as affordable as possible
while maintaining their quality and safety?

Being able to feel free is a thing valued by all human beings. When it comes to traveling, freedom is mainly associated with two things: being able to go wherever you want and feeling free from heavy bags and suitcases. The goal was clear for us. We had to enable people to travel light and avoid spending tons of money to fly with their luggage or ship their bags.

Because we are aware of how precious time is, we tried our best to think of a way to combine helping people save money and time altogether. Thanks to door-to-door, travelers will now be able to skip long lines at the airport. Both before embarking and once they’ve arrived at the airport. Picture it: no more standing in long lines or nervously waiting at the baggage carousel! Your luggage will be safe and delivered right where you want it. 

Just say no to expensive fees!

To make door-to-door happen, we teamed up with the best logistic companies, including DHL. The goal? Providing you with a state-of-the-art service that is both efficient and secure. Thanks to this new function, you will be done with expensive extra-luggage fees at the airport or shipping rates! 

Just like you would do with our luggage storage service, all you have to do is book our door-to-door feature online. Enter the following information: pick-up date, destination, luggage size, and content. We will happily take care of the rest! 

A win-win for clients… and hotels

Another great thing about this service: it’s a quick way for hotels to generate additional revenue effortlessly. It also enables them to provide premium service. Pretty satisfying, right? We created door-to-door to cater to these needs, with a clear goal to upscale the traveling experience. Travelers have been able to book hotel rooms, flights, and rental cars simultaneously for a while now. Taking this experience further, we challenged established traveling habits with a service to travel hands-free from A to Z. A perfect match for hotel clients with bulky and valuable objects to transport.

In the spirit of a customer-centric approach, hospitality businesses should focus on providing appropriate services. Such services must serve the purpose of enhancing the customer experience. That is precisely why *4 and *5 hotels are ideal candidates to implement this door-to-door service; they tend to have a clientele with more specific needs when it comes to their luggage. It’s the perfect alternative for travelers with bulky athletic gear such as surfboards, paddleboards, skis, golfing equipment, and so on. 

Easy as 1-2-3!

With a simple integration on our website you could enlarge your range of services starting tomorrow. Thanks to a page designed for a natural user experience. The co-branding method used by our developers is an efficient way to collaborate with brands while maintaining their brand image. It’s also a great way to seamlessly work with key travel companies while staying true to our visual identity. 

There is no other way to describe the situation. Adding Nannybag’s door-to-door feature to your services is a win-win situation for three simple reasons: 

To top things off, using this service gives your customers access to competitive prices.  Especially compared to extra luggage fees usually charged by airlines. Our service particularly fits the needs of 4 and 5-star hotels. However, the goal is to make it available to as many people as possible. In this perspective, our door-to-door feature will be available on Kayak’s website by the end of 2020, with the will to reiterate this collaboration with similar partners.