He followed his desire to devour the world and made travel his profession. After ten years spent all over the globe, Alex Vizeo now devotes his time to entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for advice on creating content and consolidating their branding. Meet this travel enthusiast and influencer marketing expert.

Can you sum up your career in a few words?

In the beginning, I’d say my career path was quite classic: I worked for five or six years in a company until the day I got tired of it all. I realized that my job didn’t suit me anymore and that the nine to five model wasn’t for me. I decided to go on a world tour, and I started to share videos on a blog and social networks.

That’s when I realized how amazing it is to do precisely what you want and be exactly where you want to be! When I came back to France, I couldn’t stop there. I did several freelance missions while continuing to travel. I was offered my first influencer marketing mission one day, which went very well, and I didn’t stop for ten years! As all good things must end and I am always thirsty for new challenges, I turned to entrepreneurship to pass on all that my travels taught me. Today, I bring my content creation and personal branding expertise to entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Which vision of travel do you hope to share with your followers?

The essential thing in traveling is not trying to transpose your way of life elsewhere and adapt to the country you are visiting. It is important from a cultural point of view and an ecological point of view. For instance, some habits create a lot of pollution in places where waste collection is not optimal or drain natural resources, which are sometimes very scarce. The other crucial point is the importance of consuming locally as much as possible.

What is the craziest story that happened to you while traveling?

I think it was in Polynesia, during a whale-watching trip for a shooting with Air France. Before this shooting, I had been to the Tonga Islands to observe whales, which I had been lucky enough to see briefly. In Polynesia, I particularly appreciated the considerate approach we took: we stationed ourselves about 300 meters from the shore in a zodiac. We signaled our presence to the whales to make sure they would accept us in their habitat.

The guide gives us a sign, we enter the water, and there, I see… One, two, three, four, five whales! They approach us, and it is completely crazy. It is as if we were tiny kittens for them as if they knew we were fragile. They are gifted with incredible grace and wisdom and pass by us delicately… The most beautiful part of this story is that this scene didn’t last 5 minutes, as one could expect, but almost 1 hour and 40 minutes! It was one of these moments out of time that our guide himself admitted to us to experience very rarely.

When did you realize that your passion would become your job?

My very first trip around the world played a big part in the decision. This experience started a reflection about my way of life. When my perception of life and travel began to align with providing for myself, I felt that I was approaching something interesting.

What is your biggest daily challenge as an entrepreneur? 

I needed to travel the world for ten years to understand people and myself. Today, I want to build and reconnect with a more stable life. My current challenge is to reconcile travel and entrepreneurship. So I choose to visit countries that are particularly fit for digital nomads (travelers who work from anywhere on the planet, as long as an internet connection is available).

How did the idea of your platform Aventure d’entrepreneur arise?

The first question I asked myself was: how can I help people and make information accessible? I know from experience that everyone receives and memorizes information differently. Some need to see, and others need to listen or read. My goal is to help as many people as possible. To do so, I decided to use each of my ideas differently. From a single concept, it is possible to create a video, a post, a reel, an article, a podcast… It is precisely my goal: to transmit the information in the most appropriate form possible.

How has traveling influenced the person and entrepreneur that you are today?

Traveling made me realize how lucky we are in France regarding opportunities compared to other countries. Knowing this, I consider that not giving my all would be disrespectful to people who don’t have the same chances.

What are your plans for the coming year?

My vision of entrepreneurship is to give before receiving, as I have tried to do through my travels. I always make sure to give away free content and training through the Vizeo Academy. It allows people to appreciate if our content is relevant and offers them real solutions. 

Premium paid training courses are available to those who want to go even further. It is particularly true of our Easy Prospect training, which is quite complete and which, for more advanced needs, can be enriched by its premium version: the Easy Prospect Pro training. 

How many countries have you visited, and what are your three favorite spots, all categories included?

Officially, I would say that I have visited about 100 countries. In my top 3, I would put :

– Polynesia, for the relaxing way of life, the lagoons, and its tropical side;

– Colombia, for the atmosphere and the human warmth;

– Mongolia, for the steppes, the horses, and because this country looks like no other!