Where to find the best luggage storage in New York?

trouver des consignes à bagages à New York

You’ve finally made it. You’re in New York! The Big Apple has endless things to offer and you need to enjoy every minute of your stay. Don’t let your luggage keep from diving fully into NYC. Nannybag has the biggest luggage storage network in New York!

Put your bags down in a safe and secure spot thanks to our partner hotels, restaurants and shops and enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

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Grand Central Station 

Trouver des consignes à bagages près de Grand Central Station
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As soon as you set foot in Grand Central, something about this train station should feel familiar. This feeling déjà vu is normal: numerous movies and TV shows were shot in this place! Grand Central is the symbol of how vibrant New York city is. Near the train platforms, you’ll find several restaurants, fast-foods, and newsstands, typical of the city. 

Must-sees near Grand Central: Grand Central Market, Chrysler Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral 

Find our luggage storage solutions near Grand Central.

Grand Central Station
Luggages Storages Grand Central Station

Penn Station 

Consigne à bagage Penn Station
© New York by Rail

Over half a million passengers go through Penn Station each day. Impressive, right? This city landmark is surrounded by shops and restaurants. In order to preserve its reputation, renovations are currently underway. If you have a few hours to kill, go for a tour of  The Pennsy Food Hall and try some typical American cuisine.

Must-sees near Penn Station: Madison Square Garden, Houdini Museum of New York, St. John Baptist Church 

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Penn Station
Luggages Storages Penn Station

Times Square 

Consigne à bagage Times Square
© Pixabay

Times Square is the number one place to be in Manhattan. Nicknamed Cross of the World, Times Square is mostly famous for its huge digital screens, billboards, and street performers. Don’t forget to climb the famous red stairs and marvel at the surroundings!

Must-sees near Times Square: Grand Slam New York, Broadway, Disney Store 

Find your luggage storage near Times Square.

Times Square
Luggages Storages Times Square


Consigne à bagage Midtown
© Pixabay

Midtown is the heart of Manhattan. This area hosts most of New York’s monuments and attractions.  The Empire State Building and the Chrysler building are only a few examples of the many landmarks you’ll find there. You’ll particularly enjoy how vibrant this place is around Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Midtown lights up in a magical way! 

Must-sees near Midtown: Empire State Building, Madame Tussauds NY, Le Rockefeller Center 

Find a luggage storage solution near Midtown.

Luggages Storages Midtown


Consigne à bagage Macy's
© Pixabay

Right in the middle of Herald Square, Macy’s is a true shopping temple, set in an 11 storey building! This famous store sells all sorts of brands. Enjoy your shopping spree!

Must-sees near Macy’s : Herald Square, Monarch Rooftop Lounge, Manhattan Skyline

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Luggages Storages Macy’s


Consigne à bagage Manhattan
© Pixabay

The island of Manhattan is without a doubt the most famous district of New York and the most touristic place of the Big Apple. 90%  of the city’s attractions are located in Manhattan, so make sure to explore it! Manhattan is divided into several areas which are quite diverse.

Must-sees in Manhattan: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bryant Park, The Oculus 

Find luggage storage near Manhattan.

Luggages Storages Manhattan


Consigne à bagage Brooklyn
© Pixabay

Brooklyn is quite simply another New York inside New York! In this cool and peaceful area, you’ll find green spaces as well as a vibrant social and cultural scene. You’ll even be able to dive into the ocean, on the iconic Coney Island beach!  The best way to explore Brooklyn is to go through Brighton Beach to reach Williamsburg.

Must-sees near Brooklyn : Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn Botanic Garden 

Find luggage storage near Brooklyn.

Luggages Storages Brooklyn

Natural History Museum

Consigne à bagage Musée d'histoire naturelle
© Pixabay

The New York Natural History Museum is one of the biggest in the world. Its collections host over 32 million animals, rocks and fossils. The impressive exhibits will present you with fascinating things, such as the 94-foot-long blue whale, anthropological artifacts or the Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

Must-sees near the Natural History Museum: Rose Center for Earth & Space, Central Park, Beresford 

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Natural History Museum
Luggages Storages Natural History Museum

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