Without any doubts, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Located in the center of Central Europe, this city is the capital of the Czech Republic. The city remains a major cultural point of interest and a powerful economic center in Europe, despite its complicated history. Are you inspired to discover this wonderful place? Here’s what you can do to fully enjoy the beauty of Prague:

Wander in the Old Town (Staré Mesto)


Wandering in the streets of Old Town is THE thing to do in Prague! Indeed, the old city of Prague remains very touristic but the atmosphere is relaxing. Filled with narrow streets, Prague is super nice to discover on foot. You will see magnificent medieval architecture, the famous Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, the Klementinum Library, the Jewish Quarter, museums and the Powder Tower. Be prepared to go to discover various museums under various themes such as sex, chocolate, wax, legos, beer and others.

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Savour Prague’s culinary delicacies

Eastern Europe’s food is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, it is mainly dishes that we all know about: potatoes, boiled meat, breads and cakes. But, there are few dishes that are worth the try! You can kick off  with the mouthwatering spicy sausage, which is often smoked. There is also meat, often matured, which is highly advised. Don’t miss the smažený sýr, a fried cheese stuffed sandwich served with tartar sauce and vegetables.

Discover the city from above

There are many viewpoints in Prague. Most of these viewpoints are from hills and castles, but there are few towers as well. The Powder Tower is the most famous viewpoint, most famous for its steep staircase which leads to the top.  Once at the top, get ready for a real 360 ° view, which blesses you with a breathtaking view of the city.

Maisons Dansantes

Explore the architecture of Prague

The buildings are breathtaking! Prague takes you on an architectural journey to discover three main types of architecture: Art Deco style, Haussmanian and Medieval. To plunge into the architectural diversity of Prague, it is a must to visit the “Dancing Houses”. The Vinohrady district remains the most colorful district to discover.

Are you all excited and impatient to discover Prague? Don’t hold back, there’s much more to discover in Prague!