How to take great photos of NYC


Each year, New York welcomes millions of tourists from around the  world. It’s easy to understand why: whether you’re interested is history, fond of gourmet food or passionate about architectural landmarks, this sprawling metropolis has it all, and it shows. In 2019 alone, over 65 million tourists made NYC their destination of choice. One thing almost every tourist has in common is wanting to take home beautiful photographs. Unfortunately, these photos often don’t live up to New York City’s grandeur. What if we told you that there is an easy way to avoid that? We’ve got two words for you: photo tours. Find out how to make your New York City visit special with New York City Photo Safari.

Why choose New York City Photo Safari?

NYC Photo Safari offer photo tours and workshops throughout New York City.

Not only are photo tours a great way to discover the city, they also help insure that you have your own instagrammable photographs! As the highest rated photo tour company in Manhattan, New York City Photo Safari is the best option out there. Its services are provided in a simple yet efficient way. Once you book a photo tour, a local  professional photographer (not a tour guide or a  hobbyist) is assigned to you to lead you through the city. New York City Photo Safari photographers not only act as guides but also as instructors, both helping  you find the perfect spots to take great photographs and  providing you with instructions on how to take these photos.

What kind of tours are provided?

New  York City Photo Safari offers a wide range of options: from a quick 90 minute Brooklyn  Bridge photo tour to 3-day intensive bootcamps. Among the most popular safaris is  the 3-hour Iconic New York tour which hits the city’s major landmarks, including the Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall and Central Park. You can register for one of their group sessions or book a private session and  personalize your own itinerary.

Do participants need a professional camera?

Another great thing about New York City Photo Safari , is that taking part in a photo tour doesn’t require any specific equipment or knowledge of photography. Anyone can joy, whether they’re using an iPhone or a DSLR camera. Groups are also kept very small (up to 8 participants only for Central Park Photo Safari or  the Iconic New York Photo Safari), to ensure that all participants benefit from one on one instructions, thus allowing both beginners and  advanced photographers to participate together. In other words, taking a photo tour will enable you to take home some great memories, as well as life-long skills.