Yes, it’s obviously not the first idea that comes to mind, but it’s definitely possible to ski in Australia. Our two favourite travellers, Two Dreamers Traveling, who have been packing their bags in Melbourne for a few months now, put their skis on for a weekend and tell us about their experience.

Going skiing in Australia

In Victoria, ski resorts are located mainly east of Melbourne, in the Alpine National Park region. Its highest peak is Mount Bogong, rising to 1986 meters! There are different ski resorts depending on the level, beginners will be more comfortable at Mount Baw Baw, intermediates at Mount Buller, and the more experienced will go to Mount Hotham.

The Mount Buller

Two Dreamers Traveling went to Mont Buller for a weekend of intense skiing. This small resort is very popular with Melbourne residents, because of its proximity, but also because of its friendliness. The journey of our two adventurers began at 8:30 am, and it took them a little over 3 hours to reach Mount Buller.

Plan a certain budget to go skiing in Australia. Each station charges an entry fee of approximately $45. But, it will also be necessary to count the price of the ski lifts. And that’s not all, our travellers discovered when they arrived at the foot of Mount Buller, that they had to leave their car and pay parking fees!

During these 3 days, they stayed in a hotel for 900 euros on both days. Count 110 euros the fixed price for two days, the same for the rental of skis. As for the slopes, Mont Buller has 20% green slopes, 45% blue slopes and 35% red slopes.

For more information, go directly to the resort’s website by clicking here.

Their experience at Mount Buller

Skiing at Mount Buller was a rich and exotic experience for Two Dreamers Traveling! It is not pines, but eucalyptus forests that populate the mountain. On the first day, the fog prevented them from enjoying the view, but they were able to enjoy the beautiful weather before their departure. There were not many people, the slopes were very accessible at that time of year. The resort is quite spread out, shuttles and buses allow you to go from one track to another.  But to better illustrate their weekend skiing, what could be better than vlogs?

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