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Guide privé et local avec FindMyGuides

Explore the city with a local and private tailor-made guide with FindMyGuides. Discover the solution to personalize your visits and enjoy an extraordinary cultural experience.


Find your private and local guide

“A trip planned soon? Do you want a totally personalized itinerary with a local guide who will help you discover all the secrets of the city? FindMyGuides is here to guide you!”


Forget the group visits led by a tour guide, reciting his Wikipedia text in a very monotonous tone. If you want to make real, enriching, captivating, flamboyant visits (okay, we get carried away), what could be better than to do them with a private guide? Private yes, and local! A guide who fell in love with the city, who wants to tell you its story and its deepest secrets. Yes, yes it’s possible, it’s even already done with FindMyGuides.

FindMyGuides, who are they?

It’s a collaborative tourism platform, offering the organization of private and personalized tours abroad with a 100% local guide. Much more than just visits, the service offers real support at a single hourly rate per destination!

A network of + than 1500 guides
Private guide in the world
+ than 80 destinations all over the world
Private guide with 1 000 tours a year
+ than 1000 tours
a year
Private guide in 5 languages
5 languages : French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian





How does it work?

The FindMyGuides team is at your disposal and will assign you the guide that best suits you. After confirming your order, you contact your local guide directly. It’s at this point that you can entrust him with your wishes, so that he can determine the ideal itinerary to carry them out. A personalized visit, composed of unmissable places and places hidden from the general public.

What’s new in FindMyGuides?

FindMyGuides has decided to innovate this year! So come and discover their new Street Art Tours, Bike Tours and Food Tours that will please everyone!

Want to discover Japan? To go to South America? To walk the great avenues of New York? To explore the most beautiful cities in Europe?

FindMyGuides already has thousands of users! As they no longer wait to discover new destinations and cultures, find your private guide and enjoy unforgettable moments.

Private and local guide with FindMyGuides

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