You might be familiar with the name USE-IT. These free touristic guides edited by volunteers since 2005 are part of a larger initiative to provide low-budget travelers with useful information. The international organization created its first info desk as early as 1971! Over the years, 40 European cities had their own guide created. Fast-forward to 2020 for some great news: USE-IT just launched its first guide for Paris!

Promoting a different Paris

Clément, Maud and Alix met as students. They created the non-profit organization called Les Panamiens to «promote a different Paris» closer to the experience of locals. In this perspective, they currently curate thematic tour guides partly led by the collective Feminists in Paris. Witch Hunts and Female Street Art are some of the subjects you’ll learn more about as you take part in these visits. And if you’re looking for some more tips on things to do/try in Paris, rush over to their Instagram: you’re guaranteed to find cool tips there!

As co-presidents of USE-IT Paris and with the help of a historian, a graphic designer, and five volunteer students, Maud, Clément, and Alix created the first Parisian edition of the guide, out this month. The result is as handy as visually appealing!  (meaning when you’re done using it, it’ll look great as a decoration in your place 😉 ). In the long run, Les Panamiens want to re-edit the guide each year with updates and new info to keep the content 100% relevant

What’s in there?

The guide has over 100 local addresses and all the tips you need to enjoy Paris to the fullest! From practical information to great spots or discounts on services, you’ll even learn historical facts reading it! Three different itineraries are even presented in the guide to discover Paris differently. Apart from being 100% free and tailored to fit the needs of young travelers on a budget, the USE-IT guide is also a way to favor a different type of tourism. Through this project, not only are tourists invited to explore lesser-known parts of the city, but they can also discover and support small businesses.

Where to find the USE-IT Paris guide?

The map below indicates all the places where the guide is available. You can also download it in PDF right here!

It looks like you’re all set to explore Paris, so enjoy your budget-friendly stay!