Better than a meal at habitant house, it’s the habitant who come to cook for you !

Invite friends to eat and don’t know what to cook, or don’t have enough time to prepare your dinner properly?

Going out to dinner is getting complicated now that you have kids?

AnotherChef offers you a new service that will make your life easier: home chefs who come to prepare their country’s specialities at home to offer you a dinner under the sign of travel, and all this in moving from home!

How does it work?

You choose a chef, a menu, a formula, the date and then pay for your reservation online by indicating the address where the meal will take place. A few practical details are exchanged with the team, then comes the D-Day: the chef arrives at the customer’s premises with all the necessary ingredients. He leaves once the meal is ready and the kitchen tidy to let you enjoy your guests to the full.

Who are the chefs ? ?

The chefs are amateur home chefs, known for their mastery of the kitchen, all selected and validated by the AnotherChef team. Proudly bearing the colours and traditions of their country of origin, these daily chefs are delighted to introduce you to their culture and history, through their authentic and above all gourmet family cuisine!

Imagine a couscous, a pad thai, a tajine like over there…

DMany specialities are now available: Thai, Moroccan, Lebanese, Comorian, Algerian, Romanian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Senegalese, West Indian, enough to find a menu that will surely delight you.

menu on Anotherchef website

And at what cost?

AnotherChef offers a cheap home chef service: dishes are available from €11, and menus from €16.

In addition, you save on wine: you buy the one you want, necessarily cheaper and above all at a much more attractive price than in a restaurant. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a babysitter when you come home from your evening since the chef comes to your house!

Would you like to know more about it? Visit’s website.