What type of traveler are you?

You may have asked yourself this question (or not at all). But we’ll do you a favor and find out for you, you just have to pass this quiz and you’ll finally know what type of traveler you are.

Are you ready ?

Have a nice quiz, and share the result, so your friends can, them too, know what kind of traveler they are !

What you're packing :


This summer you have planned :

Tommorow you're leaving, your last reflex before going is :


Where are you staying :

The traveler that inspires you :

What drives you to travel :

Trip in van

Where do you want to go :

Taj Mahal, Inde

What do you fear the most during travels :

Lonely in trip

The perfect night :


What souvenir are you bringing from your trip :

Which kind of traveler are you ?
The planner, the organizer, the wise one

Ahhhhh so it’s you ! You plan your trip 4 month in advance, you even created an excel file to plan everything step by step. You’ve booked your transport, wich location you’re going and the activities. Everything's ready, your google agenda is set. But in the end you allow yourself to enjoy the trip and do something unexpected…”YOLO” as you could say.
The Bobo cool, « Peace and Love »

Because for you life is a highway and you’re gonna ride it. Your essential accessories ? Your best flip flop and your seashell necklace. You take your time, you’re in no tush, you like to meet new people and share good moments with them. A little philosopher, you like to debate, talk nature and voyage. In the end, what’s really a trip?
The adventurer

You’re incredibly convignante. Traveling as no secret for you! You know the tips, you can find the bests spots, the hidden places. Ok you’re really resourceful, but you sometime lacks organisation. You love discovering on the way. You don’t always know were you going or what you’re going to find, but you don’t ask yourself so many questions.
The Backpacker

Usually in a relationship, you never go out without your camera to capture some great shots. You like to share your adventures online for the enjoyment of other traveler but mostly to upset everyone stuck in an office all summer (like us). You travel low cost with your fidel backpack. #travelphotography #travelgram #neverstopexploring
You did not go.

Welll. You didn’t go. You tried. But you didn’t. Try again next time, keep cool, stay yourself, all that.
The party lover : because party never ends

So you, you’re really something. To you vacation = party. You leave to have no-stop fun. You want to relax and party at the best spots. Out of bed at 2 AM, eat, going out again. Sometime you stop to do something else but museum is not your forte.

We didn’t really know how to name you. Basically, you’re always in luxurious places, you don’t even need to bring luggage at your 18 stars hotel on the beach, with pool and jacuzzi. You plan the best type of activities, with personal guide. Your favorite destination? Dubaï obvi !