The travel trend doesn’t end with time, quite the contrary, the number of travellers continues to increase. Start-ups have understood this and are offering new services that are revolutionizing the way people travel!

While the touristic offer continues to diversify, you may find yourself overwhelmed with information. The startups’ mission : simplify your life and help you save real money! Planning a trip and ensuring that it runs smoothly may seem complicated and, in some situations, you may need help. We present some of these services for you to remember on your next trips!

Nannybag is also one of these innovative services! For 3 years now, travellers have been leaving their luggage in our partner establishments (a.ka our Nannies). Our solution is valuable for people leaving their hotel or Airbnb early, while their flight or train is later in the day. Rather than being stuck with their luggage, they entrust it to us and can enjoy the last minutes of their trip. Practical, efficient and cheap.

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Travel with luggage

Various services to organize your trip

If the first two things you ask yourself are “how and when to leave”, Ready To Go will answer your questions at the speed of light. This community guide will give you very good advice to prepare your trip : formalities, accommodation, cost of living, insurance, flights and good deals. The startup also offers consultations for young people who want to study or do their internships abroad. If you hesitate between two destinations, you can directly compare them on the site and discover the experiences of other members! The little something extra: the startup has created “challenges” on the site to captivate its travellers….

You have booked several flights and hotels and you’re having trouble finding your way around? Triplt is your friend! You can save your confirmation emails, or you let the application access your mailbox, then it creates your schedule and itinerary, linked directly to a map.

The application is available on iOS and Android.

Speaking of flying, rather than spending time behind your screen waiting desperately for the ticket price to drop, use Algofly. The platform uses an algorithm to scan all airline sites every day as to find the best flight for you. You will know when to buy your ticket at the lowest price!

Discover how plan your trip in 8 essentials steps here.

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Plan your trip

To find your way in unknown territory

What if overnight your adventurous soul suddenly decides to manifest itself and you have a crazy desire to leave for the Amazon jungle? It might not always happen, but when it does you can count on SAS Survival Guide to help you. This application is a real guide to surviving in the wilderness, thanks to the wise advice given by a former soldier and SAS instructor (not bad, huh?). Needless to say, it will be useless if you go to a 5-star hotel, unless the hotel’s policy allows you to make a fire in the room…

The application is available on iOS and Android.

Among these new solutions, which are essential when you feel lost, are iOverlander. iOverlander was designed for motorized travellers, it makes it easy to find accommodation, whether it is a wilderness campsite or a hotel, a restaurant, a garage as well as points to recharge your batteries with water and gas. Perfect for roadtrips!

Among these new solutions, which are essential when you feel lost, is iOverlander. iOverlander was designed for motorized travelers and it makes it easy to find accommodation, from a wilderness campsite to a hotel, a restaurant, a garage or simply places to stop for gas or for a break. Perfect for road trips!

It’s obvious that not everyone goes out into the wild, so how do you find your way around or find what you need in an unknown city? Thanks to applications like Around Me, this question no longer arises today. Its concept is simple and efficient – the app locates you and then lists the bars, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, taxi ranks and theatres nearby. No more long Google searches, we bring you everything on a silver platter.

Avalaible on iOS and Android.

Services to get around

You are lost in the city, among all the public transport available to you, without ever knowing which one to choose. Finally, you take one, which takes you away from your destination. Why is it so complicated? No stress, today, services like CityMapper do the work for you! You enter your itinerary, they offer you all the possible tricks, the most practical, the shortest. The application continues to expand worldwide and is available in major cities for the moment. Essential in the metro (especially in Paris), it also advises you in which wagon to get on to be closer to the exit or your connection.

Available on iOS and Android.

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Public transport

Meet people

Is loneliness starting to weigh you down? Tired of your travel partner? Or are you just open to meeting new people? Whatever the reason, you can make friends easily thanks to Barouding! First, you define your profile and discover trips selected for you. Then, the service puts you in contact with other profiles who are also interested in the proposed itinerary. Before you fly, you exchange with your new partners and if it matches, you book together!

For those who want to share their culinary passion around the world, it’s possible with Eatwith! The platform connects you with local people who will welcome you for a meal. You can then discover the country’s culinary culture at lunch, dinner or brunch. But it doesn’t stop there. The hosts also offer cooking classes to teach you how to recreate the country’s specialties. For those who want to bring local flavors home, a guide will give you the best shops. Enjoy unforgettable culinary experiences in good company!

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Meet people