Travelling today offer you lot of choices, but does it really make your travel different? What about more ecologics and alternatives ways, who can make you discover a new possibility of traveling you would never had imagined! Nannybag explain you today two new ways of traveling.


The tourism sector is getting touch by the actual tend around saving the earth and being more eco-friendly. What if is discovering nature you could save it? That’s ecotourism.

But what exactly is ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a new way to be eco responsible during your travels. It‘s also discovering nature, respect it and the culture within. The term Ecotourism was created in the 70’s, but it was in 1992 that we got the definition by the International Ecotourism Society  “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.”.

But how does it work?

At this point you must be asking yourself  “how does it works? “. But you should not fear, it’s simple. 

Depending on your destinationyou can find responsible local actors engaged in ecotourism.So instead of going to club medyou‘ll be closed to the local culture! On the spot you have responsibility if you want to participate and be ecoresponsable, for example:

  • Taking part in local project. Being sure to take care of the environment.
  • Being kind with local culture. 
  • Show initiative to protect the local ecosystem.

Like you can see, there is not one way to be an ecotourist. More than a particular thing or set of rules, ecotourism is a way of thinking travel.

Why should you do ecotourism?

So you‘ve understood it, ecotourism is all about sustainable environment and respect the environment during your travels.

By being an ecotourist, you‘re helping local population, and saving the environment. But you‘re also putting yourself in a situation where you immerse yourself completely in the local culture and opening yourself to new experiences.


In the continuity of the “slow movement” (movement about enjoying things by taking your time), the slow travel is all about enjoying your trip in the fullest, by not being in a rush but in staying some time at each location you want to visit.

But what exactly is slow travel?

Slow travel, as the name suggest, is traveling slowly. Its a practice against today‘s lifestyle od everything being so fast. Today you skip through things without thinking about ityou can see that in tourism with the fact that traveling can be a rushgoing from things to things and wanting to see everything, to see nothing. It‘s not really a resting time. Just like slow food (taking time to enjoying your food) slow travel, her you take your time to enjoy where your staying. 

Not only that, slow travel is also being careful of your ecological footprint, in location but also during transportation. Avoiding trains and plains for more bus rides, on location, letting car to take bike or public transportation.

You’re aiming more at quality over quantity.

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But how does it works?

Once again, slow travel is a mentality, not a set of rules or an option you can take with a travel agency. Here the process is simpleyou just take your time as much as possible. Here are a few steps you can follow to help you:

  • When booking your hotel or whatever place your staying, for multiple days. Take at least 5 or 6 days so you can enjoy the placemake your mark and creat a small routine. 
  • Take an ecological responsible way of transportation as much as possible. The bus is better than train and plane. On locationbike and other tuk-tuk is better than a taxi and a uber. 
  • You can also take public transportation.Leavee place for improvisation is better in slow travel.

Adopting those new ways of travel can put you in a new position where you can enjoy your travels way more! New places to find, where you can respect it and help it and be more respectful of the environment!


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