Happy International Blog Day! For the occasion, Nannybag has prepared a selection of our favorite travel blogs for you! From the passionate blogger to the experienced adventurer, there is something for everyone! Here are 6 English speaking blogs to absolutely see if you are a travel fan.

Emily Luxton

Food, culture, travel and adventures! Emily Luxton has been blogging for more than 7 years and invites you to discover all her experiences through these 4 aspects. A young English winner of the 2019 British travel awards, Emily Luxton shines with honesty and joie de vivre. You can find her good humour through her articles, always well written and accompanied by magnificent photographs. Find her guide to travel alone when you’re a shy girl!

Dan Flying Solo

Need advice and travel inspiration? Thanks to his 1467-day trip, Dan provides you with everything you need through his blog Dan Flying Solo. He also makes videos, showing you destinations through spectacular images, reflecting destinations to perfection. Find for example this article written on the Lombardy.

The Everywhereist

Something about Géraldine DeRuiter’s writing in her blog The Everywhereist makes the blog fun and her articles a delight to read. An always funny and intelligent content, she crites on her experience of nearly 10 years of traveling and blogging about it. You can also find Géraldine in her book “All Over The Place”, a collection of autobiographical travel stories.

The Nannybag blog

The Nannybag blog, is always a reliable choice for travel a blog.  Tips, trends, guides, preparation help, you will find everything your heart desires…

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Legal Nomade

After giving up everything for a trip to Siberia ten years ago, Jodi Ettenberg became one of the great bloggers thanks to Legal Nomade. Through her stories, always rhythmic and authentic, she invites you to contemplate the world during her travels, but all through with her own eyes. Foodies and gluten free, she also helps you to eat well when travelling, by sharing her experiences with you!

Lili’s travel plan

Joy and good spirits are the ingredients for Lili’s travel stories on her blog, Lili’s travel plan. She really stands out from other travel blogs because Lili focuses on the emotions, the energy she perceives from a place, and not just on its characteristics. A highly personal blog, but when you have a personality like hers, why not?!