After months of work, you’re finally able to take a break? Nannybag help you prepare your  trip in only 8 easy steps for a successful trip!

Step 1 – Choose the right partner

good trip is only as good as the person you share it with! That can also be your own company! Making the right chose in that matter is the key for a successful trip!

Bonne compagnie

Step 2 – Choose your trip destination

That’s an even harder chose. A lot need to be taken into account when you choose your destination;

  • Weather: Depending on when your leaving, you need to check the weather of your destination at that time, so you don’t go in Australia in July, when it’s the middle of winter!
  • Price: Another important factor, the price make or break a trip. Don’t forget the on location expenses in your calculations!
  • The kind of trip: Some destinations are more fitting for some kind of trip, widen your horizon could bring you unexpected experiences!
  • The duration of your trip: Depending on the duration of your trip some country will be more fitting, a 24-hours flight to Tokyo may be not worth in a 4-days trip.

Step 3 – transportation

Not necessarily the most exciting part of the trip (either when  planning your trip), transportation is still one of the most important. Not only the way and the price of the transportation to your destination, but also the transportation in location need to be planned! To help you with that, they are some great comparison sites like liligo and omio !


Step 4 – The accommodation

One of the hardest things to settle on when planning your trip, there’s lot of different ways you can stay in your trip. Hotel, camping, guest-house, airbnbOnce again comparative site like trivago or may help lot!


Step 5 – Planning your activities

The fun part of the tripactivities in your destination can be so much different thing! Meeting local culture, important monuments, try unique food, be amazed by the architectureThat’s literally a world of possibility! But don’t forget that you’re in a break!

(If your traveling to Europe, you can check our other articles!)

monde de possibilités

Step 6 – Check administrative and health related formalities

For each country their is administrative, and health related formalities to take care of before your trip. Booking your trip to be stopped at the airport is not the best time. Usually, your home state has a website dedicated to that, the french one is this. 

Step 7 – Prepare your luggage

Sunglassescheck !
Solar cream, check !

packing check

Step 8 – Order your Nannybag storage

Without a doubt the most important step of all for a successful trip, order your nannybag luggage storage to go explore the city bag free! Store your bags and go explore, finally able to enjoy your trip!