What if you could enjoy 3,000 more luggage storage locations this year to help you enjoy your travels peacefully? This is one of the many advantages of the recent union between Nannybag and Pickup that you will now enjoy. Let’s take a look at the origins of a union as evident as promising!

One could now say that the relationship between Nannybag and Pickup is going strong. Recently acquired by Pickup, a subsidiary of French group La Poste, Nannybag has its sights set on the future, focusing on expansion and developing its brand popularity. The two companies have set themselves an ambitious goal: join forces to create France and Europe’s largest baggage handling operator.

Sanitary crisis as an engine for reinventing oneself

While the last two years have been marked by a slow-moving travel industry, this period has also proven to be full of lessons learned. For Matthieu Ballester, co-founder and CEO of Nannybag, this enforced period of reflection has allowed the company to do two essential things:

  • reflect on the Nannybag service offering and ways to expand it ;
  • explore new paths of development to make the brand known and available in as many places as possible.
Co-founder and CEO of the startup Nannybag, Matthieu Ballester is approaching the 2022 tourist season with clear enthusiasm.

In March 2020, we found ourselves in a completely unprecedented situation, and we had to manage running our business day-to-day in a very uncertain climate. We have experienced strong variations in terms of bookings, and through it all, we noted something major: we have been the only ones in our sector in France to maintain an honorable level of activity.

Matthieu Ballester

In this context, the idea of a merger with the La Poste group via Pickup, its subsidiary dedicated to out-of-home and home delivery, took shape. Aware of their complementarity, the two companies, were willing to exploit this potential to offer the most complete luggage services possible. In the first quarter of 2022, an agreement was reached, and the partial takeover of Nannybag by Pickup was completed. Pickup now officially owns 49% of the French startup.

3000 more locations to welcome your luggage this year!

So really, what’s changing? Whether you use Nannybag or Pickup, don’t panic! There are no changes planned: each company will keep its core business. However, you will see for yourself that in business as in life, there is strength in unity. The collaboration with Pickup will allow Nannybag to add to its network no less than 3000 lockers hosted in Pickup relays within a year in France, then in Europe.

Samir Senouci, Co-founder and CEO of Nannybag, talks with his team about the startup’s network.

Pickup, which currently operates no less than 70,000 pick-up points in 28 countries around the world, welcomes the Nannybag luggage storage service into its ranks. In addition to parcel drop-off and pick-up, users will now also be able to use Nannybag luggage lockers at many Pickup locations. They can leave their luggage there for a few hours or several days.

This increased presence is not the only good news on the horizon for the startup. Always keeping an eye on the future, Nannybag is already working to continue to enrich its range of services. In particular, the startup aims to offer luggage transfer to and from airports.