Are you about to visit Marseille for the first time and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, Nannybag has prepared a complete guide for you, to know everything about the city with the melodic accent. 

Marseille is a mythical city in the south of France. Its main assets? A rich history, a flourishing culture and an ideal weather, which provokes the jealousy of Parisians. In short, it’s the perfect place to spend your holidays! In this article, you will learn how to effectively spend your time in Marseille for a wholesome experience in this magical city!

Let’s start with the places to visit:

Probably the most famous monument in Marseille, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde. This Catholic Church has dominated the city for almost two centuries and is perfectly preserved! Come and discover this typical French architecture and its breathtaking colours.

Drop off your luggage near Notre-Dame de la Garde

Château d’If is an old Marseille fort standing on an islet in the middle of Marseille’s harbour. This fortress was built in the 16th century and now welcomes nearly 100,000 visitors each year!

Drop off your luggage near the Château d’If

Another must-see visit: the Longchamps Palace! Classified as a historical monument, this site is a neoclassical water tower palace, in which you can find sumptuous water points and gardens. Nothing better on a sunny day!

Drop off your luggage near the Longchamps Palace

Do you want a concentrated history? Why not visit the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilization (Mucem)? Discover 45,000 m² of culture and exhibitions on scientific advances: anthropology, archaeology, history, art history and contemporary art.

Information and ticketing on the official Mucem website

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Do you want to discover the atmosphere of the city? Why not taking a walk in these neighbourhoods:

The Old Port is surely the most mythical place in Marseille. Here, you will be able to contemplate a typical panorama in a very warm atmosphere. Take the opportunity to have a coffee by the water and enjoy the local cuisine!

Drop off your suitcase near the Old Port

La Canebière is considered as the centre of Marseille. You will find everything that makes it so charming as you walk along this avenue of nearly a kilometer!

Leave your luggage near La Canebière

If there is one area to absolutely discover it is the artists’ district of Cours Julien. This place, located in the heart of the city, is one of the most lively!  But that’s not all. The Cours Julien artists’ district is considered one of the largest street art districts in France, offering a unique cultural visit.

Find a luggage locker near the artists’ district of Cours Julien

Finally, le panier district is also a place to explore. The oldest district in the city will offer you a timeless experience. It is indeed the site of the first Greek Massalia colonies, which arrived in 600 BC! Real lifetime travel.

Keep your bags in le panier District

We offer some tips, things to do absolutely if you go to Marseille!

Eat a bouillabaisse. The city’s legendary dish, the bouillabaisse made from fresh seafood and potatoes!

Replenish your Marseille soap stock. This product, known all over the world for its quality, is indeed native to the city. So why not pick it up at the source?

Take a look at the Umbrella Mirror. This art installation will turn your head upside down. Installed by Norman Foster, this huge upside down mirror is a recommended passage from the city of Marseille.

Drop off your luggage near the Umbrella Mirror

And finally, for a real Marseille experience, it is necessary to drink a good Pastis in front of a petanque match!

Have a nice trip with Nannybag!

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