You’ve probably noticed that finding a railway station where you can store your luggage is getting harder every day. Thankfully, several alternatives have developed over the years. From automatic lockers inside railway stations to collaborative storage around train stations, there are still safe ways for you to store your belongings as you travel. 

Minimizing the risks 

Luggage storage is getting scarce in railway stations for several reasons, but the main explanation is security. In the past 30 years, several major events have influenced the way security is handled in public places and most particularly in transport hubs. The common policy, especially in capital cities, is to minimize the risks of violent events. 

That’s why you’ll find that most train stations that do offer luggage storage on-location use automatic lockers, baggage scanners and sometimes even CCTV monitoring. These security measures help guarantee that no dangerous item is stored and that nothing happens to all stored items of baggage. 

Though this solution is quite safe, it also presents some inconveniences, especially if you’re traveling with large pieces of luggage or any kind of large sports or outdoors equipment, from diving to fishing, bikes or surfing board, to only name a few. Even a stroller can be a problem with automatic lockers because they come with numerous size (and sometimes weight) restrictions.

Why are lockers not that convenient? 

Most automatic lockers’ services provide three locker sizes: small, middle and large. For instance in France, you’ll find this type of lockers in some train stations: Bordeaux Saint-Jean, Cannes, Lyon Part-Dieu, Marne-la-Vallée Chessy, Marseille Saint-Charles, Montpellier Saint-Roch, Paris Gare d’Austerlitz, Paris Gare de l’Est, Paris Gare de Lyon, Paris Gare Montparnasse, Paris Gare du Nord, Strasbourg, and Toulouse.

There are a few catches to using lockers. In all of the aforementioned railway stations, if the item that you wish to store is oversized, you won’t be able to use the service. Also, the fees are usually quite different from collaborative luggage storage: in this case, for instance, using a small locker for 24 hours will cost you 5.50 € (H: 43,3 cm, W: 34,7 cm, D: 82,4 cm), 7.50€ for a medium locker (H: 59,1 cm, W: 34,7 cm, D: 82,4 cm) and 9.50€ for a large locker (H: 90,8 cm, W: 51,9 cm, D: 82,4 cm) and 5€ per additional day. Another major inconvenience is that this particular service can only store your belongings for up to three days.

Collaborative luggage storage for the win!

Not to toot our own horn here, but there are many ways in which using collaborative storage is more convenient. But what is it, you might ask. Collaborative luggage storage is a way for you to store luggage at our partner shops, hotels, and restaurants. This system enables you to find the perfect place to put your bags down, depending on your plans. Nannybag has spots available near train stations, airports, monuments, and many other places. 

Say, for example, you’re in Paris for a few days and need to find luggage storage in the area of Gare de l’Est. You can find a great option just 3 minutes away on foot! All you have to is book your luggage storage on Nannybag’s website or download the app (available on Google Play and the App Store). Simply enter your drop-off and pick up dates and the number of items to store. Book with our online secure payment system and you’re all set!

This solution not only a simple alternative to leaving your luggage inside railway stations: we put security and safety first. Each left luggage service of the Nannybag network is carefully selected and dedicates a room to luggage storage. This luggage storage space remains locked at all times. Each item is associated with a security seal and a unique number upon storage. The traveler’s identity is also thoroughly checked, both when dropping-off and picking-up luggage. The Nanny, which the nickname we gave to our partners, can also operate a visual check of the content of each item of luggage. In the event of breakage, loss or robbery, our insurance covers each piece of luggage for up to 1500€. 

On top of guaranteeing secure storage, we accept all sorts of luggage, with no size or weight restrictions and flat rates: 6€ per piece of luggage for 24 hours and only 4€ per item for each extra 24 hours. There are many different reasons for you to choose our luggage storage method.

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