Plane ticket: checked. Suitcase packed: checked. Activities planned: checked. It looks like you’re all set for your next trip! Oh wait, your flight gets here at 8.30 am but your Airbnb check-in is at 3 pm…Finding an activity won’t be a problem: there are tons of things to do in the meantime. Doing so with your bags to carry around might quickly turn your adventure into a nightmare if you don’t find a solution to store your luggage.

Whether you’re looking for a luggage store in NYC or luggage storage in London, Nannybag is the solution that you need. A simple and affordable way to find your bag storage in a safe place while you’re out enjoying the city! Follow these three simple steps and make the most out of your trip!

Step 1: Book the storage you want


From Europe to North America, Southeast Asia, and Australia, you can easily find suitcase storage wherever you need! Before reaching your destination, just download the Nannybag app (available on Google Play and App Store) or go to the website, you just have to select the location of your choice, a date, a time slot to drop off and pick up your luggage and a suitable Nanny (the affectionate name we call our partner restaurants, shops, and hotels) will be presented to you! Installed in strategic locations these luggage storage locations have the advantage of being close to many points of interest such as train stations, subway stations, or monuments and have flexible schedules.

Storing your belongings will only cost you 6€ per bag and per day (prices in each currency are available online). Great news: there is no limit for the size of the luggage: neither for the size nor for the weight!

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Step 2: Put your bags down

Nannybag stands out from other luggage deposit services, which often operate with automated lockers, by favoring real human contact. Network partners are selected according to strict and very specific criteria for obvious security reasons, but also to ensure that each customer is received and accompanied in the best conditions. The same goes for customer service management: if you need additional information or advice, you will be assisted by an actual person, and they’ll be happy to help!

Step 3: Explore the city as you wish

Now that you’ve things figured out, your adventure can start! Visit a museum, roam through the streets or go on a shopping spree. You might even have time to book a spa treatment. Sit down for a nice breakfast, lunch, or simply coffee at a terrace. Once freed from all luggage, the possibilities are truly endless! If you happen to be visiting Paris, London, Barcelona or New York, we have some great advice to make your next trip special!

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