Ah, mosquito bites…we’ve all had that problem! One might even add that it’s one of the downsides of traveling, the buzzing sounds, the itching, the scars. Whether you’re in Asia, Africa, Latin America or any other exotic destination of the world, mosquito bites can pretty much ruin your traveling experience. You’re probably wondering how to avoid mosquitoes? Lucky for you, Nannybag has solutions to avoid that. Stop scratching your skin and make the most of your next trip! Here are ten essential tips to avoid, and if it comes down to it, heal mosquito bites while on vacation.

Rule # 1: the bed net is your best friend 🛌

This one might sound obvious, but it is essential that you use a bed net as much as possible during the night (or anytime you nap, we’re not here to judge) to keep flying mosquitoes from biting you. Most people will tell you they don’t plan on bringing one because it takes up too much space in their luggage. Since Nannybag has your back, this won’t be your problem! Our luggage storage solutions available everywhere in the world will come in handy when you need to travel light!

Rule # 2: you might not like this one, but trust vinegar

Few people know this, but the fermentation process used to produce vinegar will keep away mosquitoes. To top things off, vinegar is a great antiseptic, so if you put aside the smell, you’ve got yourself a great way to keep your skin both safe from bites and clean. If you apply it after getting bit, vinegar (pure or mixed with water) will help your skin heal and avoid a nasty scar.

Rule #3: lavender doesn’t only smell nice

Did you know that lavender essential oil is a great way to avoid inflammation? Well, now you do. We recommend it if you have sensitive skin: lavender essential oil is great for kids too. Ideally, mix it with vegetable oil and don’t rub your skin, but rather massage your bite gently.

Rule #4: adapt your fashion style

Though it is very tempting to show off some skin and go for shorts and t-shirts, you might want to re-think your wardrobe. Opt for wide clothes and thick fabric, to create a barrier for your skin and discourage mosquitoes. We also recommend you avoid dark and shiny clothes, because they tend to attract mosquitoes.

Rule #5: body hygiene is key 🚿

Not that we think, that you need advice on that department, but remember at all times that mosquitoes are attracted by body odors. That means it’s better for you to smell as neutral as possible. So maybe don’t go crazy on perfume.

Rule #6: whatever happens, DON’T scratch your bite ⛔

Granted, this one is a bit tough, but if a mosquito ends up biting you, try and fight your natural reaction. Don’t touch the bite and most importantly, don’t scratch it. Though you may feel like it eases off the pain, it will make things worse. To put it simply, the scratching will activate nerve terminals and enable bacteria to cross your skin, thus creating skin infection. Also, the more you scratch, the more it will itch, so do yourself a favor!

Rule #7: ice ice baby 😉

Once you get bitten by a mosquito, you might think that the fight is over. You’re wrong. Cold temperatures play a huge part in reducing inflammation. Just make sure that you don’t apply ice cubes directly on your skin and use an ice pack or a piece of fabric to avoid frostbites.

Rule #8: save some of those mojito ingredients 🍋🍃

Another simple way to ease the pain caused by a mosquito bite while avoiding inflammation is lemon or lime juice, paired with a few mint leaves. Mix the juice with crushed leaves and apply it on the affected area. Soothing effect guaranteed. You’ll be thankful for mint’s cooling effect too.

Rule #9: blast some Skrillex 🎶

We’re not joking with this one. A recent study has shown that electronic music has an impact on the behavior of mosquitoes. With the example of Skrillex’s famous ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’, tests with and without sound proved that mosquitoes are less likely to bite people when this tune is playing in the background. Listening to this song also reduces blood-feeding and disrupts mating. Who knew dubstep could be a lifesaver?

Rule #10: sorry, but if you’re pregnant, mosquitoes might like you even more 🤰🏼

Many studies have been issued about the reasons why mosquitoes bite and though no clear scientific conclusion proves that they are attracted to specific targets, it has been shown that pregnant women tend to get bitten more than other people. Unfair, we know. This phenomenon is due to a higher production of hormones caused by pregnancy. So if you happen to be expecting, make sure to follow thoroughly these pieces of advice, to enjoy your trip to the fullest!

Well, it looks like you’re all set for your next adventure!

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