If you’re like us, packing is probably not the part of traveling you enjoy the most. Deciding on what to pack, fitting everything in, making sure nothing is missing…There are many traps to avoid if you want to optimize the content of your suitcase and keep it light! Follow our lead and you won’t have to worry about missing items or extra luggage fees!

Choose the right-sized suitcase/bag

It might sound obvious, but the bigger the bag or suitcase, the more things you’ll try to fit into it. Limiting yourself to small carry-on luggage is an efficient way to avoid overpacking. Lugging around a heavy, broken suitcase will leave you feeling tired, stressed, and sore at the start of your trip, so if you can, invest in quality luggage that suits your needs. We recommend a strong hard-shelled case with eight wheels for minimal stress and maximum value.

Roll instead of folding

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them isn’t only a great alternative if you can’t fold properly or are feeling lazy: it will save tons of space in your suitcase! It’s also a great way to fit more clothes in your backpack. Try it and see for yourself, you’ll also get fewer wrinkles on your clothes by using this rolling technique. Another good thing about rolled clothes, more specifically if you’re traveling with a suitcase, is that you’ll be able to see everything that you’ve packed in just one look. Ultimately, this will save you time to choose your outfit or simply make finding things easier!

Don’t forget the essentials

Make a list of the items (other than your clothes!) that you absolutely need. Depending on your destination and plans, it can be sunscreen, a power-bank or walking shoes, just make sure you write it and pack it! If you can, don’t hesitate to pack a book, so you can have a truly relaxing time in a park and spend less time on your phone.

Make practical and versatile choices

If you’re traveling for a few days and your goal is to pack light, packing only a few pants and more tops is probably the way to go. Leave the statement pieces at home and instead opt for versatile garments that can be easily transformed into multiple looks. Also, don’t go crazy on the shoes: A/ you probably won’t need that many pairs and B/ they take up A LOT of space that you’ll probably need later to bring back some souvenirs. 😉   

Follow the 5, 4, 3, 2,1 rule

Ever heard of the 5, 4, 3, 2,1 rule? It’s a great way to prioritize your packing! Say you’re leaving for 5 days: pack five pairs of socks and underwear, four tops, three pairs of pants, two pairs of shoes and one hat. Once you’ve got it down, adapt this simple rule depending on the length of your trip and the activities that you have planned and you’re good to go! The other important thing is to get rid of the “what if” mindset, a tendency that we all have to pack too many things, “just in case”. Focus on the things that you really can’t do without.

Give everything its own space

Keep related items together in the same section of your suitcase and say goodbye to digging through all your stuff to find that one good top. You can organize by type (shirts with shirts) or keep whole outfits together. Using a zipped bag to store necessities for your first night (pajamas, phone charger, toothbrush) lets you relax as soon as you reach the hotel. Make sure that all of your liquid items are packed in a seal transparent plastic bag that stays accessible at any time. It will help you save time and energy in case of a security check, whether planned or not

It looks like you have all the info you need to master luggage packing! And remember, no matter what your plans are and where they take place, there will always be a Nanny available for you to store your luggage while you enjoy your trip! Have a good one!