Ah, the joys of being a student! So much to learn and so many places to explore! There’s no better time to discover the world. The possibilities are endless, provided that you don’t let logistics such as finding the suitable accommodation ruin your experience. Thankfully we come bearing great news: we just teamed up with University Living, a global student housing marketplace that helps international students find the best place to stay near university campuses worldwide. Yep, that’s how much we like you. 

If you’ve ever studied abroad, you’ve probably been in that sticky situation: you successfully entered a university program in the country of your dreams, but you’re now struggling to find housing for your time there. Plus, when on-campus housing turns out to be available, it is often quite expensive. If you’ve never had to face any of these obstacles, we hope you never do. And with the help of University Living, you might never have to! Forget about countless visits, meeting more or less friendly landlords, and contract negotiations. Someone finally has your back. 

What is University Living? 

The very core of their mission is what made us want to connect with this company! We both want to make your life easier and ensure that you get the best student experience. Nannybag provides you with a seamless travel experience thanks to luggage storage and shipping. University Living is on a mission to make life as a student abroad easier through safe and affordable housing. Their goal isn’t only to put a roof over your head: they’re here to help you build a nest away from home. Visit their website and see for yourself: on top of affordable housing solutions, University Living is a great place to find all the services you need for your experience abroad and practical information to guide you every step of the way. 

Where can I find student housing? 

The good thing about University Living is that they’re all about maximizing your chances of finding the ideal place. The platform currently provides students worldwide with 1.75 million beds in over 35,000 properties to assist you on your house hunt. Whether you’re planning to join an academic program in the UKIreland, or elsewhere in Europe, you can count on them. Are you moving to Australiathe USACanada, or India? Not a problem! University living has housing options there too!

What if we told you that you could even find the perfect housing solution within just a few clicks? We’re going to expect a postcard once you get there!