What could be more awesome than going on a trip with friends? Discover Amsterdam to the rhythm of bicycles, organize a road trip to Portugal, or just party for a week end in Ibiza! We have prepared some tips for you to enjoy a great trip with friends!

Prepare your trip with friends

Of course, you have to start at the beginning: preparing for the trip. It can quickly turn into a headache and discourage any idea of a trip with friends. Avoid this by using the following solutions!

You just decided to leave without having a destination in mind? It happens even to the best of us. If you really don’t find the inspiration for a trip, or if no one agrees on one, there is always the solution of a destination generator! The generator will choose for you and make sure everyone is on the same page. We can particularly recommend TripTuner, which takes into account 6 important criteria: price, calm level, the average age of the group, rather mountain or sea, weather, and the desired level of relaxation. You can even refine your search to certain continents!

Before leaving, you must also settle a sensitive subject. Money. It is well known that good money make good friends, and during a trip, everyone must participate. Of course, depending on the type of trip, you will may need to create a money pool. To do this, there are several solutions: you can do it the old-fashioned way, with a sheet of paper, a pen, and a lot of time to waste; or you can use a pool application. There are of course well-known and reliable ones such as Le Pot Commun or Leechi. These applications will allow you to collect all the money in a virtual space, allowing you to organize yourself much more quickly and clearly.

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Last point to settle, how to leave? Especially since not everyone will want to leave in the same way, with each budget its own mode of transport. This is why there are comparator sites such as Gopili, which offers you the best solution according to the desired mode of transport. Would you rather to do a road trip? Use Black Sheep! A service that offers you specially designed vans for road trips! With a myriad of customizations when you order, it is the perfect solution for any road trip between friends. You can also use park4nights, which will give you the best places to stop on the road.

Organize on site

You are now well prepared for the trip. But you still need to be able to organize yourself on the spot!

Obviously the great classic of travel, the essential Nannybag, which allows you to leave your luggage in a secure partner luggage storage. The luggage storage, which can be a hotel, a shop or even a restaurant, is the opportunity to lighten yourself for the day and meet locals, learn tips about the city or even discover a restaurant! It’s simple, fast and for 6 € on the first day and 4 € for each additional day, you are free to enjoy the destination without delay! You can use Nannybag with your eyes closed! The depot is secure and at the slightest problem, you can count on open customer support open 7 days a week!

A trip with friends is not always easy. If you need a break on the spot, to be mindeful moment, why not try meditation? This practice, although it might seem ridiculous, is actually a simple, free and effective way to detach yourself from everything that is happening around you. And during a trip with friends, you’re going to need it. There are also many applications such as Headspace that teach you how to relax very simply.

The return from the trip

The journey is over, you have returned home and you miss your friends. You have made great memories and will cherish this trip in mind for a very long time as a cherish.

If you want to capture these magical moments, why not transform this trip with friends into a personalized photo album? A practice that became very popular a few years ago, creating an online photo album is very simple. All you have to do is visit Myphotobook or Photobox. You create the perfect photo album in a few minutes and receive it directly at home!

Now know all the secrets of a successful trip with friends! Have a nice trip with Nannybag!