One of the globe’s most visited cities, London has something to offer to everyone: from culture and history to fine dining and great times! London is indeed fast-paced and packed with experiences to remember. 

Buildings & Architecture

London’s buildings are not just slabs of concrete or brick and mortar, they tell the stories of the city’s history. Various of London’s buildings are milestones in a unique and beguiling biography. Few of these well-recognised landmarks are the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. Innovation is at the rendezvous but it never drowns out London’s seasoned, centuries-old narrative. The West End proposes architectural grandeur, ancient remains makes the City and charming pubs make the historic quarters – it’s your pick! 

Attractions & Sports

You can’t fail to be excited about London’s wonderful attractions! This amazing city pampers visitors with destinations such as London Eye, Madame Tussauds, National History Museum and British Museum. The city also proposes free access to the best museums and galleries in the world like Tate Modern, Natural History Museum and Science Museum. London’s popular skyline also keeps on evolving! There are various places where you can admire the skyline along the river. Though London is always packed and busy, it is the largest urban forest in the world! As surprising as it may sound, London consists of more than 8 million trees and was declared a National Park City recently. 

Wembley Stadium

Fans of sports might lose their mind in London! This is your chance to visit spectacular sporting venues like Wembley Stadium, Lord’s Cricket Ground or Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. Who knows? You might get to see your favourite team play! 

Art & Culture

A rigorous innovator of art and culture, London is the city of creativity and imagination. The city warmly welcomes artists and promotes fields such as theatrical innovation, pioneering music, writing, poetry, design, architecture and contemporary art. You might want to check out the the many theatre shows from musicals to classic plays. Oh, food also happens to be another creative arena where new discoveries are added to the menus regularly!

Accommodations & Dining

Don’t you worry as London has accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets! Indeed the city has many luxury hotels , but there are many cheaper options to suit your budget. You might want to check out as well! offers luggage storage services in London which could surely help you stay within your budget. 

When it comes to food, London takes you on a culinary journey around the world with some of the best diverse restaurants, ranging from Michelin-starred to gastropubs restaurants. London’s bar scene is also varied, so you might want to check out the best rooftop bars, riverside pubs and champagne bars! 

The contrast between the wonderful historic sights and the lively cultural scene makes a visit to the capital of England most interesting. So, when are you planning to take that trip to London?