5 cheap destinations from Paris for August 15th weekend

You probably thought it was too late to find the perfect getaway for the 15th of August weekend! Well, you’re wrong! Knowing your passion for good deals, we found 5 budget-friendly destinations for this long weekend from Paris! In a nutshell, this article has all the info you need to have a good time in France or abroad, without spending too much money. Pack your bags!


Crédit photo: Visit Luxembourg

How to go to Luxembourg?


Where to sleep in Luxembourg?

What to do in Luxembourg?

A weekend in Luxembourg is always a good idea. Good to know: public transport is free in Luxembourg! No need for metro, bus or any other ticket during your stay! Once you’re there, make sure to also walk around the city! Discover the old town, the Grand Ducal Palace, the Grund, and the Corniche path. Why not get on a bike or discover the local cuisine, a combination of French and German gastronomy?

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Where to store luggage in Luxembourg?

Don’t miss a single minute of your stay in Luxembourg! The sooner you get rid of your luggage, the better you can enjoy the Grand Duchy! Here’s a simple, practical, and affordable solution: have your luggage stored. If your accommodation is only available for a few hours after your arrival or if you want to make the most of every minute before your departure, think about depositing your luggage in our collaborative luggage storage network!



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How to go to Lille?


Where to sleep in Lille?

What to do in Lille?

The capital of French Flanders, Lille is also the heart of the gastronomy of Hauts-de-France. For a weekend in Lille, we suggest you start your visit by discovering Old Lille, the historical center of the city. The Palais des Beaux-Arts is also not to be missed. Don’t leave without visiting the old stock exchange, the Grand’Place, or the birthplace of Charles de Gaulle, located on rue Princesse.

Where to store luggage in Lille?

It’s hard to fully enjoy the beautiful city of Lille with a huge bag on your back or a suitcase to drag around all the time. Make the right choice: leave your luggage in one of our secure lockers! For only 6 € per bag and per day, you won’t lose a single minute of your stay. Unlike the beers that Lille is also known for, Nannybag lockers are to be used without moderation! As soon as you arrive, while waiting to reach your accommodation or on the day of your departure between your check out and the departure of your train, Nannybag takes care of your luggage while you discover the city.



Photo credit: Brittany Ferries

How to go to Santander?


Where to sleep in Santander?

What to do in Santander?

Santander is the perfect destination for relaxation and lounging! Your program for the weekend: sun and golden sandy beaches. Wondering what to see in Santander? Visit the city’s architectural masterpiece, the Botin Center, and don’t forget to visit the Plaza de Cañadio to discover the local culinary scene! We also recommend taking a walk along the coast and enjoying a seafood lunch by the beach. For a nice swim, head to El Sardinero beach!


How to go to Brussels?

Where to sleep in Brussels?

What to do in Brussels?

We can’t possibly continue our selection without mentioning Brussels! Why the Belgian capital? In addition to being the heart of Europe and home to such landmarks as the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, Brussels is the world capital of waffles and ice cream! Did you know that Belgium is also the biggest seller of chocolate in the world! If you’re feeling greedy, you must visit the museum of French fries (yes, it’s real). We also suggest taking a walk to see the Grand-Place, the Parc du Cinquantenaire and even the Atomium and the Mini-Europe.

Where to store luggage in Brussels?

Life is good in Brussels! Don’t let a few bulky bags spoil your stay! Book your tickets and accommodation with a light heart: once you’re there, you’ll easily find a Nannybag location where you can leave your bags for as long as you need! For only 6 € luggage, no need to deprive yourself!



Crédit photo: ville de Saumur

How to go to Saumur?


Where to sleep in Saumur?

What to do in Saumur ?

Many people don’t know this, but Saumur has played an important role in the history of France. Evidence of this can be found in the monuments and medieval buildings that you will discover there! Saumur is also known for its rich local craftsmanship and its various wine cellars that we strongly recommend you to visit. Wondering what to do with your weekend in Saumur? We recommend a mix of entertainment and cultural and historical visits. Take a step back in time to the medieval period by visiting the castle of Saumur! There are 1001 walks and bike rides to choose from. And don’t be mistaken: Saumur also has its share of good restaurants and bars!

Photo credit: la Maison de Saumur

Where to store luggage in Saumur?

Saumur is way too pretty to be visited with the burden of your luggage! Book your long weekend with a light heart: depending on your program, you will easily find a luggage storage facility on site! While waiting for your check-in or before getting on the train and for only 6 € luggage, get ready to travel light for real!