Smartphones have become essential to our lives, and even more so when it comes to traveling. With the increasing use of technology and the development of smartphones and digital tablets, getting your phone ready with the right apps has become as much important as packing your bags properly. The goal is to make your life as easy as possible during your trip. Which apps are actually useful? What are they for? Find out more thanks to our selection of 24 must-have travel apps to download before embarking on your journey!

Our list sorted by categories :

The essentials: putting your bags down, great deals, currency converter, finding restrooms

Preparing your trip: booking your flight, organizing your trip 

Accommodation: homestays and youth hostels

Finding your way around the city: renting cars, using public transportation and offline GPS 

Discovering new things and find entertainment: find original activities, visit places in an authentic, playful or athletic way

Eating: share your experience with locals, discover new tastes, find vegetarian food 

Manage your budget: keep track of your expenses as a group, keep an eye on your spendings 

The essentials

Nannybag, free yourself from carrying your luggage! 

Nannybag is one of these brand new travel apps. Very useful and well thought, this app is ideal before checking or after checking out of an Airbnb. It’s also great if you have some free time between two flights. Nannybag has the largest luggage storage network and is present in over 25 countries and 250 cities in the world. Geotag yourself and put away your inconvenient luggage in our closest partner spots (hotels, shops, restaurants…)! This service is available for only 6 euros per luggage for a day and 4 euros per additional day.

The app is available on App Store and Google Play.

Application consigne à bagage
Nannybag platform: interactive map

TravelPirates, good travel deals 

TravelPirates platform

If you’re into good deals and you’ve never heard of TravelPirates, you’re definitely missing out on something. Every day, the app presents great deals to travel! If you create your account, you’ll be able to set up customized alerts thanks to filters and following your needs (destinations, budget, dates…), all to make sure that you don’t miss anything!

Download the application before your trip on App Store or Google Play.

XE, the currency converter

XE platform

Granted, not everyone can automatically convert from one currency to another of the top of their head. If you’re looking for a truly efficient currency converter, download the XE application! Make sure to change the exchange rate before each operation.

Find XE on App Store or Google Play.

Flush, toilets radar

Flush platform

Yes, this app truly exists. The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: someone created an app to help you find toilets anywhere you are! Install the application Flush and activate your GPS to quickly find toilets nearby. The best part is, it’s completely free. The app runs on a database with over 190.000 references. You can even look for restrooms without having access to the internet!

Download the application on App Store or Google Play.

Preparing your trip

Hopper, booking your flight at the right moment

Hopper l'application pour réserver son vol au bon moment
Hopper platform

Hopper is a brand new app to help you save money! This service enables each user to choose their destination and keep an eye on any change of price. This function called “watch”, is meant to evaluate when your plane tickets will be the least expensive. Hopper keeps you updated on the prices with 4 weekly notifications. And there’s even more to Hopper. Its powerful data analysis also creates recommendations based on the researches of other users and suggests other destinations that you might like. Clever, right?

Download the application right now on App Store or Google Play.

Kayak, the travel companion

Kayak platform

Kayak compares thousands of flights and hotels on the dates of your choice and to choose the best option thanks to a powerful search engine. The platform doesn’t only compare prices, it also includes booking widgets, available directly from the app.  Hotel rooms, plane tickets, car rentals, all these services are available in the same place to simplify the planning of your trip!

Download the application on App Store and Google Play.

TripIt,  the travel diary

Application voyage Triplt
TripIt platform

TripIt is the ideal application to stay organized and keep track of your itineraries and bookings. This app will enable you to organize your trip and share your travel itineraries very simply, regardless of where your booking was made. Give the app access to your emails and transfer all your booking related emails, whether for a flight, a hotel or anything you might need.  Following your data, the application will create a custom itinerary that you’ll be able to access at any time, even when you’re offline.

The app is completely free, and you can download it on App Store or Google Play.


CouchSurfing, homestays with locals

Application voyage CouchSurfing
CouchSurfing platform

Couchsurfing is a worldwide network of travelers based on sharing and exchanging without any money involved. Use this service to find a place to stay at and/or host travelers in your hometown! CouchSurfing regularly throws events in over 200.000 cities throughout the world. There’s always things to do and new friends to meet!

Download the app on App Store and Google Play.

Warmshowers, accommodations for bike riders 

Warmshowers platform

Warmshowers is an app that works in a similar way as CouchSurfing, by giving its users access to free accommodation. What makes it special is that it is specifically targeted for bike riders. A great way to get passionate people together!

The application is only available on Google Play.

Hostelworld, the application to find youth hostels 

Hostelworld platform

If you like staying at youth hostels, Hostelworld is your number one application to find a hostel in over 178 countries! Over 12 million customer comments are available to help you book a bed. There are no fees on bookings and cancellations are free up to 7 days prior to your arrival.

The application is available on App Store and Google Play.

Finding your way around the city

Getaround, the carsharing app

Getaround platform

Getaround is an application to rent a car or put your car up for rental all over Europe. Its carsharing concept is similar to Airbnb, and makes it possible for its users to find a cheaper car rental or earn extra money by renting their vehicle your vehicle quite simply thanks to this application! No need to worry, Allianz covers all your itineraries and offers 24/7 road assistance.

Download the application right now on App Store or Google Play.

Citymapper, the go-to app for public transports

Citymapper platform

With Citymapper, find the fastest way to reach your destination! Thanks to his application you’ll never get lost, no matter where you go, whether you’re using the bus, metro, a bike, a car or simply walking.  It’s very easy to use, you just need to enter the place you’re leaving from and your destination and let the app work its magic! It will instantly give you the best combinations, the most convenient and shortest way to get where you need. For now, the application is only available in big cities. It has become essential in the metro, especially in Paris, where you can even get advice on which wagon to get into to be closer to the exit or a connection.

Download the application right now on App Store or Google Play.

MAPS.ME, an offline GPS  

MAPS.ME platform is an application that gives you free access to maps offline! Use navigation modes in your car, while you’re walking or riding a bike anywhere in the world. You can do your research while you’re offline and use the GPS mode with optimized maps to save as much storage as possible.

Download the application on App Store and Google Play.

AroundMe, surrounding services in your pocket

Application voyage AroundMe
AroundMe platform

What’s an efficient way to get quick information on your environment without going through dozens of Google researches? That’s exactly what AroundMe is here for. The application gives you a complete list of all the services available in the category you choose, near your current location.  Whether you’re looking for a bar, a restaurant, a shop, an ATM or a gas station, AroundMe lets you know where your services are and how to get there!

Find the application on App Store or Google Play.

Discovering new things and find entertainment 

Klook, endless activities ideas 

Klook platform

Klook is the result of two travel lovers’ will to share their experiences with you! The application helps you plan your trips by providing you with diverse activities. Among other things, you’ll be able to find fun guided tours, captivating shows, museum explorations, family activities, and many other passionating adventures! Find exciting ways to visit a new city in over 350 destinations. Klook is the official partner of numerous attractions sites and vendors from all parts of the world and guarantees you access to great deals.

Download the application right now on App Store or Google Play.

Showaround, a different kind of tourism

Application voyage Showaround
Showaround platform

If you’re sick and tired of being a typical tourist and want to discover a country in a more authentic way, it’s about time to introduce you to Showaround. This collaborative platform connects locals with visitors to show them around. You can pick your guide based on your personal interests and their specialties. Subscribe to this service on the platform and some locals might ask for a little tip in exchange. After discussing with your new friend, agree on an itinerary and embark on a great adventure!

Download the application right now on App Store or Google Play.

Questo, a treasure hunt through the city

Application voyage Questo
Questo platform

With Questo, explore the city following clues and solving riddles to discover new places, hidden treasures and touristic landmarks while learning fascinating facts. Available in over 50 cities, each adventure is inspired by a book, a film, a historic event or a legend! Questo is many things: a paper chase, a treasure hunt, an interactive way to visit a city. It’s the ideal travel app for adventurers looking for a more original and fun way to travel.

Find the application on App Store and Google Play.

Runnin’city, run to discover

Runnin’city platform

Runnin’city was designed specifically for travelers with a passion for running. The app has over 1000 itineraries to discover cities and their historical heritage. Put on your headphones and let the app guide from one monument to another, thanks to stories about each landmark you’ll pass by.

Download Runnin’city on  App Store or Google Play.


Local delights with Eatwith 

Eatwith platform

Are you as passionate about traveling as you are about gastronomy? Eatwith is perfect for you! This platform connects you with locals who are willing to make you taste their specialties and share their love of food through lunch, dinner or brunch. You can also participate and learn how to cook local recipes. Your guide will give you tips on the best spots to buy local products for traditional recipes and bring home some nice souvenirs!

Download the application right now on App Store or Google Play.

Foodie Advice, the international culinary guide 

Application voyage Foodie Advice
Foodie Advice platform

Foodie Advice was created by two gastronomy lovers, in search of new tastes to try. They hope to share this common passion with you, through an application that gathers local recipes of each city they’ve had the chance to visit!

The application is only available on Google Play but you can also visit their website.

HappyCow, a friend for vegetarians

Application de voyage Happy Cow
HappyCow platform

Are you a vegetarian in a city you know nothing about? Use HappyCow to find restaurants with vegetarian options when traveling abroad. HappyCow has already helped its users find over 108.000 restaurants, cafes, and shops in 180 countries. Thanks to the application, you’ll find bakeries, organic shops, caterers, farmers markets and juice bars who truly care about vegetarians!

The app is available on App Store and Google Play.

Manage your budget

Tricount, share expenses with your friends

Tricount platform

Tricount is a revolutionary way to share expenses with anyone! Simple and efficient, all you need to do is add expenses and the names of the people who paid. The application automatically calculates who pays for what, avoiding any kind of conflicts!

Download the application for free on App Store et Google Play.

Splittr, say goodbye to complicated maths

Application pour faire les comptes
Splittr platform

Splittr helps you organize group expenses thanks to a very intuitive platform! It’s the perfect application holidays, trips, weekend getaways, cleaning fees or any other expense you might have to split with a group. Simply add expenses daily and Splittr will tell you which person in your group should pay next and how much each person owes to the others. Invite your friends and each user will be able to add expenses.

Download the application for free on App Store or Google Play.

Keep an eye on your expenses with Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet platform

Trail Wallet is an application created to help you keep an eye on your travel expenses! Organize your expenses by trip or monthly, create your own daily budget and easily add your expenses as time goes by. As soon as you get a bill or a receipt, get your iPhone out and add the amount to the app!

The application is only available on App Store.