1 – The naked men

Today, I’m in a trip, and I’m staying at my friend’s parents. Everything was going fine untile I went to the bathroom and ran into the father, naked, watching himself in the mirror. I was in my room the last 2 hours. VDM*

2 – The maze

Today, during a trip in the US, I’m waiting for the train. Worried I’d get lost, I ask my way to a man in the platform.Here I am, in the other way of the town, miles from my original destination. The men, lost, was actually also a tourist, just like me.VDM*

3 – Round-trip

Today, back from a trip, my new luggage is lost. “New” because they’ve also lost it in the way in. VDM

4 – Not the dog

Today, I have a plain ride with my 15kg dog. He was to heavy so I’ve left him in the cargo hold. the trip went well, I got his cage. But not the dog. VDM*

5 – Timing

Today, I’m going on a trip and for the first time I’m taking a 12 hours flight. I also have hemorrhoids for the first time. VDM*

6 – A bright futur

Today, I’m taking the train with my 5 years old daughter for a 4 hours train ride. One hour in I’m asking the couple sitting next to me to watch her while I go to the toilet. My daughter finally stop watching her cartoons and ask me loudly : “Are you going to poop”?VDM*

7 – The interieur designer

Today, during a long bus ride. I’m sitting next to a guy who plays at sticking bogey on the sit in front of him. It’s gonna be a long trip. VDM*

8 – Working man

Today, during a field trip at Barcelona, we’ve lost someone in the market. After searching for more than an hour, we finely find the missing persone : the one who’s supposed to be watching use. VDM*

9 – Treachery

Today, I’m going on a trip with my men. I’m taking less stuff as possible because I always take too much. We just arrived and my jean cracked. It’s my only pants. VDM

10 – Unlove

Today, It’s been 6 days that my boyfriend went on the other side of the world. Still waiting to know if he’s arrived. VDM

11 – The concert

Today, I’m in a trip, and I have a 19 hours bus ride. Before going, a street vendor comes in the bus, not to sell food or chewing-gum, but flutes. Three parents bought them for their kids. VDM

*VMD = my life sucks


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