We propose 10 destinations to celebrate on February 14th and travel on Valentine’s Day to a romantic and original place. Surprise your significant other with a dinner on the other side of the world, the best sunset or an “I love you” in the ideal setting.

Sun or cold, city or countryside, close or far … choose the option that best suits your tastes and start making plans for Valentine’s Day.


1 Bruges

This quaint little Belgian town is famous across the continent thanks to its pretty looks and cosy atmosphere. The tree-lined canals, Medieval streets and lovely parks are a delight to explore – even more so when your special someone is with you. To best enjoy Bruges, you should take things slowly. Enjoy the beautiful walks in Minnewater Park, where legend has it that you’ll find true love if you cross the lake with your partner. Take your time to browse the city’s finest selections of Belgian chocolates from traditional local shops such as Dubon, Neuhaus or Confiserie de Clerck. Or how about a cosy evening at Wijnbar Est? You’ll find a huge selection of excellent wines on offer along with brilliant live music.



2 Colmar

A picture-perfect town nestled in the forests and hills of Alsace, Colmar is one of the most quintessentially European places you’ll ever see.  The town has a very distinct character thanks its location straddling the cultural boundaries between France and Germany and there are still plenty of local traditions going strong. Little Venice is one of the prettiest places in town thanks to the idyllic canal – you’ll even find restaurants with floating terraces. I recommend booking a table at the Aux Armes de Colmar, where you can enjoy local cuisine and try out some Alsatian wines such as Gewürztraminer or Muscat. For even more charm, why not visit the nearby city of Strasbourg? The Alsatian capital is also perfectly suited for couple’s city breaks.



3 Prague

With a city as beautiful and popular as this, there was just no way I could leave it off the list! Prague has cemented itself as one of the top city break destinations for couples thanks to its wealth of preserved architecture and historic sights. The city’s many hills offer sweeping views of the rooftops below, plus iconic sights such as the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square means that you could never be bored here. Definitely take the time to explore the Mala Strana district, a historic area in a snug location between the River Vltava and the hills. It tends to be overlooked by tourists in favour of the Old Town, but it still boasts some excellent dining, nightlife and activities of its own. A fantastic recommendation if you want to experience the city without having to put up with too many crowds!


4 Florence

The cradle of the Renaissance and a historic Centre of culture and the arts – Florence has played a pivotal role in European history and it’s blessed with some of the finest examples of Italian architecture. If you want a classical twist on a couple’s city break, Florence will tick all the right boxes. I recommend heading up to Michelangelo Hill for panoramic views of the city skyline (including the mighty Duomo) and the River Arno. For a typically Florentine experience, see if you can get tickets for an intimate opera performance at the St. Mark’s Anglican Church – opera was invented in the city after all, so it’s only fitting that you should experience it the best way possible! And don’t even get me started on the cuisine… Whether it’s traditional steaks, delicate antipasti or old-school gelato, the locals really do know how to eat well. A feast for the senses in every sense of the world!



5 Granada

From the cold north we now head to the balmy Mediterranean. One of the most beautiful cities in all of Spain, Granada really showcases Andalusian culture at its best. By looking at the architecture you can really sense the influences the Moorish occupation has had on the city – the Alhambra is a fantastic testament to this. But the Moors didn’t just give Granada pretty buildings. In fact you can enjoy some fantastic pampering at the Hammam Al Ándalus, an absolutely stunning hammam where the magical atmosphere will whisk you away to a different world. Take your time to really enjoy the beautiful architecture and the free tea on offer here. If you want a spa break with all sorts of cultural offerings on the side, Grenada should be high up on the list!



6 Budapest

Hungary is home to almost 1,000 thermal springs, and the country’s capital boasts a long tradition of spas and wellness with the locals having enjoyed their healing properties for thousands of years. As well as the iconic Széchenyi Baths and beautiful Gellért Spa, Budapest also features authentic Turkish baths and hammams, left over from the Ottoman occupation of the city hundreds of years ago. Take the Rudas Bath for example – the jewel in its crown is its wonderfully preserved 16th century octagonal pool, which features vaulted arches and a cupula with stained glass windows that makes for a fantastic atmosphere. A wicked choice if you want the best of a city break holiday with plenty of pampering on the side!



7 Catalonia

There’s so much more to Catalonia than just Barcelona. This vibrant region encompasses everything from the rugged peaks of the Pyrenees to beautiful villages and coastal resorts – and it’s that diversity that makes it such a fantastic choice for a longer holiday. Those of you wanting a romantic holiday by the coast will love the Costa Brava. Cadaqués is one of my favourite resorts here – its beauty and atmosphere have even inspired artists such as Pablo Picasso! And don’t even get me started on the villages…



8 Croatia’s Adriatic Coast

Croatia has shot up to become of the rising stars of European holidays. The country’s very long coastline is truly breathtaking – not just because of the landscapes, but because of the sheer wealth of history and culture. From Venetian influences in the north to Dubrovnik’s fascinating Old Town, Croatia has certainly a lot to offer. The beaches are stunning as well – just imagine the clear waters of the Adriatic quietly lapping at the pebbles as you relax beneath the pine trees… Even thinking about it is enough to set off my wanderlust really! Plus the food is excellent too. Some of the best seafood in Europe can be found in this region.

9 Mallorca and Menorca

The two main islands of the Balearic archipelago represent a paradise for couples that want to relax. The virgin beaches, nature and good weather create a feeling of peace without equal. In addition, in the islands you will find some of the most welcoming hotels to go as a couple.

10 Santorini

White villages, wonderful beaches and breathtaking cliffs. The combination offered by Santorini is ideal for a romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day. There you will find the tranquility and privacy that you seek for your trip as a couple. The best part? It´s low season so you might find a good deal with the tickets!


So, enjoy your Valentine’s Day but don’t forget to book a luggage storage to enjoy!