In the headlines this week : Monkey Locky

You wish to leave your keys to a relative in Paris or Lyon, but you do not have the possibility to give them in person, you want to go on holiday without the fear of losing your keys.  Monkey Locky is your solution, the concept is pretty simple, it allows you to drop off your keys in a safe place for as long as you want.

A simple and secure idea

Monkey Locky offers you safe locations in Paris or Lyon, 7 days a week, where you can leave your keys. The concept comes from the bad experiences of the founders themselves, who noticed that giving keys was not easy.

For the past two years, this start-up has been able to set up a reliable security system. Once the locker booked, you will receive a code to share to with the persons who will get the keys back.
In addition, an app allows you to automatically track the proper reception of your keys.

More than affordable rates

One of the main advantages of Monkey Locky services is that the longer the reservation period is, the less you will pay. The service for one day is 2,90€, 9,90€ for five days, and 19,90€ for a month. In addition, you can use your locker any time during the booked period.

With Monkey Locky’s secured and attractive offer, don’t hesitate any longer if you need to entrust your keys, and register on their website. If you’re lucky you will benefit of a free day of storage for your first log in.