Locasuccess, an innovative service to manage your seasonal rental throughout France !

As the news has shown, AirBnB and seasonal rental sites are all the rage. You have rented your property but the results are not up to your expectations? Are you tired of taking the steps to manage your ad? To delay your departure for the weekend to give the keys to your travellers? Not being able to finance the long journey of your dreams? If this is the case, Locasuccess is the ideal company to help you launch and manage your seasonal rental.

Specialist in the management of seasonal rental reservations, Locasuccess offers owners the possibility to delegate all or part of the management of their accommodation.

Locasuccess : Who are they?

Locasuccess is a young company created in 2014. The team is attentive to its customers to offer everyone a personalized service and follow-up. “We wanted people to be able to count on us, to trust us. At Locasuccess, every customer is unique!” Matthieu GIRON, founder.

How does it work?

When you choose to trust Locasuccess, the team gets down to work by first writing the most effective and relevant technical sheet (list of equipment, keywords to optimize SEO, etc.). We advise you on marketing prices, which are then managed by an algorithm to best match the demand of the Travellers.

This announcement is then broadcasted on several reservation sites (AirBNB, HomeAway, Booking…), more than fifteen in all, English and French, including this one from Locasuccess. The objective is simple, to give a maximum chance to your well-being to be seen and therefore to be reserved! And this, even if you choose to rent a week before you leave.

We then do everything possible to answer as quickly as possible to requests for information and reservations from potential Travellers (emails, integrated messaging, telephone calls, etc.)

Once your accommodation has been booked, Locasuccess manages the relationship with your future travellers, sparing you the chore of answering your emails and phone calls, sometimes in a foreign language.

Locasuccess takes care of the administrative formalities and takes various measures to avoid unpleasant surprises:

  • Use of secure means of payment for the payment of rentals
  • Cashes the guarantee for you
  • Automatic subscription to “material damage” insurance to cover possible damage
  • Financial guarantee of 12000€ on the bank account through which your income passes

Can’t you be there to welcome your travellers? You don’t have the time or the desire to clean up after them? Here again, Locasuccess manages everything for you. Thanks to its network of partners throughout France, Locasuccess uses a professional steward or concierge. The guarantee of a pleasant welcome for your visitors and a clean accommodation upon your return.

Finally, you have the comfort of receiving the transfer net of fees (Locassucces and/or those related to the stewardship)

What are the advantages?

  • Everywhere in France : thanks to the use of digital technologies and its network of partners, Locasuccess can manage rentals throughout France.
  • A total or partial takeover : Locasuccess relieves you in part or in whole of the management of your rental. You have absolutely nothing to do! except of course to specify when you will have left home!).
  • Flexibility : you update your agenda, we update the announcement calendars
  • No obligation : We can all make mistakes, change our minds, move… In this case, you can terminate your contract at any time. Locasuccess services are not subject to a minimum duration, neither in the duration of the contract nor in the duration of the rentals.

How much does it cost?

Locasuccess offers the best quality/price ratio service offer.

The pricing is transparent! No small lines of characters with an asterisk indicating expenses you don’t even know exist. When you rent your property, Locasuccess (as a certified fund manager) collects the gross rents for you. A commission equivalent to 15% of these rents is collected by Locasuccess for its management fees and then deducted from these rents are the additional services you have requested (handing over the keys, cleaning, laundry…). At the beginning of the following month, you receive the income from your seasonal rental in your bank account.

There are no hidden fees; if you don’t have travellers, the service costs you nothing.

All this is great but how can we contact them?

Nothing could be easier!

You can contact Locasuccess:

  • By post : Locasuccess –  2, Avenue des Cités Unies d’Europe – 41100 Vendôme
  • By mail : contact@locasuccess.com
  • By telephone : 01 79 75 11 50
  • By smoke signals : No, of course we’re laughing! But the system has proven its worth for a long time.

Find Locasuccess on :

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/locasuccess/