The exchange of houses or apartments between private individuals as you have never seen before!


GuesttoGuest is the world’s leading site for the exchange of houses and apartments between individuals with more than 250,000 houses offered in 187 countries!

At GuesttoGuest, registration is free and everything is done to allow you to exchange your home with peace of mind. Their mission is to make you have a dream holiday. The service allows you to save more than 30% of your holiday budget and to feel at home anywhere in the world.

Travel wherever and whenever you want with GuestPoints!

GuestPoints’ innovative system makes it easy to exchange your home. You earn GuestPoints when you receive a guest at home and you spend them when you go to someone else’s. Registration on their website is completely free and you can start to consult all the home exchange offers.

Welcome GuestPoints will be offered to you upon registration. By completing your profile and the description of your house, you can win 750 GP which will allow you to go on holiday right away with one of our members.

An exchange guide is available to understand everything about this practice:

Home exchange, a unique experience

In addition to the economic aspect of exchanging houses or apartments, GuesttoGuest promotes a practical and authentic way of travelling. The members of the community are first and foremost families with children wishing to travel with peace of mind: their holiday accommodation will thus be equipped with everything a family needs (children’s toys, kitchen furniture, garden, swimming pool, car, etc.)

Organized as a social network, after registration on the GuesttoGuest website, you can contact members to discuss the exchange. A relationship is established between hosts and guests, so it is in an environment of trust that the exchange takes place. Hosts are used to leave tips for visiting their region to the guests they receive at home and beautiful stories of friendship are often created between families who do not hesitate to keep in touch year after year. Find these stories and tips and advice on home exchange on our blog.

A story of families like no other, a cosmopolitan team!

GuesttoGuest is the story of 22 families living in France, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, the United States and Qatar. Their wish was to allow everyone to enjoy a dream holiday by welcoming each other in all simplicity. It was precisely following a trip that could not materialize because of the problem of reciprocity of exchanges that Emmanuel Arnaud (president and founder), imagined the GuestPoints system and the non-reciprocal exchange. It was from there that the GuesttoGuest adventure began.

Based in Paris, the team is regularly expanding and nearly 40 people from France, Spain, Germany, the United States and other countries are constantly leading GuesttoGuest’s activity!

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