Most European countries have embraced the frightening fun of Halloween. And with its spooky castles, dark forests, and age-old legends, the European continent is a great (and pleasantly frightening!) place to celebrate October 31st. These are the best European destinations to spend your Halloween.


London, England


The glamorous British capital, with its bloody past, obscure dungeons, ancient buildings, chilling backstreets, and memories of the world’s most infamous serial killer – Jack The Ripper, has been often regarded as one of the world’s most haunted cities.


Transylvania, Romania


Transylvania is the most beautiful region in Romania and an ideal place to spend Halloween. Besides the quaint Bran Castle and the world-famous legend of Dracula, which has its roots here, this place boasts a startling collection of citadels and frozen-in-time villages, where the present is twisted with legends and long-lasting traditions.

All these make Halloween in Transylvania not only a creepy, one-of-a-kind experience but also a great journey back through the country’s mind-blowing past.


Venice, Italy

Venice might not be your usual Halloween destination, but it is one of the most romantic, mysterious, and beautiful places in Europe.

This jewel of a city in north-eastern Italy has a permanent eerie atmosphere, a disturbing past, lots of shadowy corners, and mind-blowing legends about sea monsters. Add to all these the cities’ stunning architecture, the sensual Venetian masks, and the spectacular masquerade balls, and you’ll probably have the most sophisticated Halloween of your life.

Edinburgh, Scotland


We often forget that Halloween is much more than just an opportunity to put on a costume, or a children’s holiday of trick-or-treats. It is an echo of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, whose celebrations are still preserved today in Scotland and Ireland.

Consequently, the gorgeous, eerie city of Edinburgh, with its thrilling Royal Mile, mighty castle, rich traditions, unsolved mysteries, creepy vaults, and high paranormal activity reported over time, provides its visitors with a Halloween blast.


Dublin, Ireland

Just like Edinburgh, Dublin has a special charm when Halloween comes around. Maybe it’s the custom of carving Jack O’ Lanterns, which springs from the Samhain carving of turnips, or perhaps the myriad of events which take place all around Ireland during this time of year, but Dublin has a cool, sexy, flamboyant way of celebrating Halloween, and it always does this with huge parades, carnivals, traditions, and all sorts of captivating events suitable for all tastes.


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