Things to remember to pack before each trip

On the way to the Sahara without a hat? In Thailand without sunscreen? Avoid a disaster during your holiday with our 17 tips to pack well before you leave.

Now that your flight and hotel are booked, all you have to do is pack your bags and you are finally ready to enjoy it! We know that for many people, it is a real chore, like washing dishes… but if you follow our advice to the letter it will never be a problem again.

1. Make a list

Okay, at first sight it sounds a little boring, but making a list in a few minutes is a perfect way to have a stress-free vacation. Not everything is necessary and you know it very well so be realistic with your personal belongings and useless small objects. And we all know it, we always take a lot of things that we will never use on the spot, so we might as well do things right from the start.

2. Don’t forget the first aid kit

We are not asking you to prepare for the Tour de France on a scooter but simply to make a small bag with the pills and medicines you may need if necessary. After all, no one wants to suffer from fever and other headaches, stomach aches or all three during the holidays. Since medicines are often limited in the country you are going to visit (e. g. South Asian countries) or mandatory by prescription, it would still be a good idea to plan all this before you leave. Also, don’t forget to take your allergy or asthma medication on board. It would be silly to have a crisis without immediate treatment…

3. Limit everything that is liquid

We are now all aware of this problem, particularly that the capacity of liquids in hand luggage is limited to 100 ml. If you don’t like 100 ml, just buy a transparent resealable bag that is usually available at the airport for a small fee. If it ever exceeds 1L, simply put it in your suitcase in the hold;)

4. Name and address on luggage

And yes, it can be silly, but the number of lost luggage is considerable. You don’t have to hang a big label that hangs all the time on your suitcase, but at least your Name, First Name, Mailing Address, Mail and Phone should appear somewhere to make it easier to find yourself in case of loss.

5. Comply with baggage restrictions

If your airline says: “23 kg”, they really mean 23 kg! Weigh your bags before arriving at the airport and make sure you are within the authorized limits, otherwise you will have to spit extra money at the airport or, even worse, say goodbye to this beautiful cardigan knitted by Mami’s hands. We all tried to compress these pants and extra sweater in the suitcase already full to burst, but the restrictions are there for a reason, and that reason is your safety. Of what is said in any case….

6. Keep some space for your purchases on site

Whether it’s duty-free products or holiday souvenirs, it’s inevitable that you’ll bring more things home than you would on your way home – so make sure there’s some room for that!

7. Too many shoes kills the shoe

The biggest and most frustrating element in our luggage. The number of pairs of shoes depends of course on the length of the stay, the main activity on site and of course the local climate. I didn’t see many flip-flops in Iceland or many MoonBoots in Thailand and yet…. On average 2/3 pairs are more than enough, we don’t necessarily go on holiday to strut around and take out our entire wardrobe.

Personally, we use the shoes to put on socks in order to save some space in the suitcase.

8. Cosmetics – at least!

Unless you are planning to travel to a desert island, it is very likely that you will be able to find the same brands of shampoo or sunscreen in almost every corner of the world. When you say less cosmetics, you also mean less risk of ending up with a suitcase full of cream when you arrive (the classic trick). If you really can’t live without this facial cream, try to take only the dose you will need for your trip and nothing more. This way, you can throw away empty bottles and add more souvenirs in your suitcase for your return home.

9. Rolling your clothes like in the army…

If there is one technique that works, it is this one. For all skeptics, I assure you that rolling your clothes not only prevents wrinkles on your clothes but also optimizes the space in your luggage. It is a technique used by the army to prepare its affairs quickly but also to transport wrinkle-free uniforms at all times. So drive young 😉

10. Put your valuables in your purse

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for airlines to lose luggage, so why take such a risk? Play “Secure” and store all your luxury and expensive products in your hand luggage.

11. Do not forget the adapters

If you need them, buy them in advance and avoid the crazy prices of the airport!

12. Be careful with fragile objects

If you have to pack porcelain plates or glass products, always wrap them in bubble wrap or between the clothes and put them in the middle of your suitcase. Anyway, if you want to find them intact and in one piece.

13. Don’t predict the weather; check it out!

Depending on where you go, weather forecasts can be either your best holiday friend or your worst enemy. And just because we’re going to Thailand doesn’t mean there’s always sunshine! So don’t forecast the weather, check it out!

14. No manicure on board

Ladies, if you thought you could carry a nail file, scissors, or any other tool to dress yourself, give it up! They are forbidden!

15. The most necessary things go above and beyond

If you think there is something in particular that can be useful during or just after your trip, don’t forget to put it on top. For example, a jacket. This is very obvious advice, but it may be so obvious that you would have to forget the opposite!

16. Towels?

The towels! Here’s another thing that takes up space… “Shall we take these towels, darling? Are we really going to need it?”. Well, to find out the answer, remember to check in advance if they will be provided in your holiday accommodation.

17. Don’t forget anything essential at home!

This last trick is so stupid that it happens every day! Invalid passport, forgotten tickets and/or passport… So to avoid the worst and homicide by his or her partner before flying, just be a little organized. The day before departure, when you are not stressed by the departure, put all these essential objects on a VISIBLE table and take everything at the last moment. It also helps to avoid stress in the car on the way to the airport;)

Now you know everything, so enjoy your holiday!

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